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If you're not entirely sure then you may be interested to learn the rough definition of a Steampunk - especially if you intend to dress as one for your next Fancy Dress funny couples party. One of our more popular andunique DIY couples fancy dress costume choices here at fancydress365, the steampunk outfit is a craze that developed in the early 1980s but is still very much trending in 2016. Steampunk is really a cross between Victorian inventions and science fiction. Think the authors H G Wells (who wrote The Time Machine and The Invisible Man) and Jules Verne (writer of Around the world in Eighty Days). In other words it's about crazy science and time travel set in the Victorian era. Dick Van Dyke's in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would fit this role, being the mad inventor that he is. You could even compare it to modern day upcycling since it's all about making something useful and amazing out of everyday bits of objects left lying around. So, unique couples costumes for a funny homemade Steampunk would have a very definite Victorian aesthete, such as fancy dress aviator goggles and hat, tight suits a la Helena Bonham-Carter and jewellery made from gears and cogs.

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