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Famous Romans included Julius Caesar, Nero and Augustus to name but a few. And you could become any one of them - as well as a host of others such as Mark Anthony and even Cleopatra, thanks to our fabulous range of famous couples and easy adult Roman fancy dress costumes here at fancydress365. The city of Rome itself was said to be founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus back in 753BC. Legend has it they were raised by a she-wolf It wasn't until 27BC that Julius Caesar became leader and established the Roman Empire (by which time it had expanded enormously). During the reign of the Roman empire incredible architecture was created, including the Colosseum and around 230 large, oval or round amphitheatres (the latter hosted gladiator fights, chariot racing and plays. Great for last minute ideas when it comes to your next fancy dress party, typical Roman fashion included a toga; the more colourfully designed this garment appeared, then the higher the status of the wearer. Lower classes wore a plain homemade toga, for instance, while a senator would have broad stripes on his. Only a Roman emperor was entitled to wear the classic laurel wreath on his head.

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