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Mr & Mrs Vampire

You'll be dropping us an email to say ?Fangs for the memory? when you dress up in our excellent Mr &Mrs Vampirefamous couples fancy dress costumes complete with long black cape and accessorised by two points front teeth. Great for Halloween parties, this most seductive of couples will make sure you're hardly stabbing in the dark when it comes to great fancy dress outfits with which to impress other guests. Just don't be too surprised if the others at the party don't come too close, or even happen to be whiffing of garlic. Generally regarded as the 'undead,'vampires need human blood to bring them back to life. This they obtain by sticking their fangs in the neck of their poor victim. That individual in turn becomes 'infected' by the vampire gene and becomes a vampire themselves. The only way to kill a vampire, according to legend, is to stab it through the heart with a stake. Vampires didn't really become recognised in Europe until the early 18th century. But since then they've been here to stay, thanks to Bram Stoker's brilliant Dracula movie. Why not try one of our creative DIY fancy dress costume versions here at fancydress365?

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