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'HOW' come the two of you have never considered dressing up in matching Indian costumes as one of our fancy dress creative couples before? Here at fancydress365 there's no excuse - such is the wide range of Red Indian fancy dress cheap costumes you and your partner have to choose from online. Why not sit down for a quick pow wow today and get ordering fancy dress outfits today? Famous Red Indians you could refer to yourself as include Sitting Bull (who became a friend of Buffallo Bill and Annie Oakley), Crazy Horse (whose own tribe was a division of the famous Sioux tribes) and the Apache leader Geronimo. Ladies can dress up cute Pocahontas style with lovely dark braids and a feathered head band, while blokes can go the whole hog with a Red Indian fringed top and trousers , crowned with a feathered fancy dress head dress. Get yourself a tomahawk, some red and white face paint and a set of soft moccasin style shoes and you're all set to bare down on them pale faces in the nearest ramshackle village. Just don't be doing any scalping stuff - otherwise you won't be voted one of the best couples.

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