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Funny couples fancy dress costumes include the famously long-haired (the blokes and the women), liberal-minded and pot-smoking, hippies. Their revolution was the counter culture of the late 1960s and 1970s and everyone loves to parody them, man. It was the Beatles in their Sergeant Pepper phase, guitar-strumming Joni Mitchell and the upbeat Carol King. Famous slogans included 'Ban the Bomb' and 'Make Love not War' while many practiced Eastern philosophies and the two fingered salute (not the rude one!). The hippy 'costume' included bell-bottom jeans, creative DIY tie-dyed t-shirts and skirts, peasant blouses and unique homemade kaftans. The clothes were loud and bright , often with Native Indian motifs, CND signs . These anti-establishment 'uniforms' were worn with headbands and plenty of long beads. Clothes weren't bought new from stores (that would be supporting commercialism!) but rather were homemade, passed on second hand or picked up cheaply at street markets. As part of a fancy dress unique couple you two can, on the other hand, pick up a pair of ready-made his and her easy adult hippie outfits right here on the fancydress365 website. Far out, man!

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