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Ladies - unleash your inner Cleopatra today with our range of exotic Egyptian head gear (with braided plaits), gowns and eye-catching fancy dress glittering jewellery. You too could present as the reincarnation of Isis, an Egyptian goddess, just as Cleo did. Whether you'll be able to bag a Roman ruler in the form of Julius Caesar or Mark Antony look-alike along the way depends entirely on what your other half is wearing to the fancy dress couples party. If adopting an ancient ruler pose is more your thing then - and for the males amongst us it does unsurprisingly tend to be the case - then we have plenty of eye masks and stunning pharaoh head pieces to put the fear of death into those you encounter. Yes, with these couples ideas fancy dress costumes from fancydress365 you'll not only be able to walk like an Egyptian but impersonate and resemble one too. Meanwhile, what would Halloween be without the odd Mummy hobbling along beside all those witches and ghouls? Unwrap a monster with a fancy dress mummy mask and set of bandages. Add a little fake blood and you're all set.

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